Aristotelis Valaoritis (Greek edition)

Aristotelis Valaoritis

Book Details

  • Author: Constantine Santas
  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Fagotto Books (2011)
  • Language: Greek
  • ISBN: 967-960-6685-40-8

The original English version of Aristotelis Valaoritis (1976) was published as one of the several volumes in the Twaine’s World Author series, which circulated in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s in the U.S.A. The series included several famous authors of the world. This Greek edition is limited to four volumes only: Helias Venezis, Kostas Palamas, Dionysios Solomos, and Aristotelis Valaoritis.  The purpose of the series was to promote universally the most important modern authors of every country.

In addition, the purpose of Aristotelis Valaoritis was also to make this great poet known to the Greek-American public. The book was taught to students of Modern Greek Literature in Greek-American universities.

It is a modernized edition that examines the life and work of the national Greek poet Aristotelis Valaoritis (1824-1879). His poetry was influenced by poets such as Dante, Hugo, Schiller and Slegel. The book offers critical views of his most important poems, which focus mostly on the fighters/heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Critical views of his contemporaries and an extensive bibliography are also included in the book.

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